Breast reduction

Breast Reduction & Breast Lift

Procedure: Undesirably large or sagging breasts can be lifted and reconstructed by removal of excessive breast tissue, fat and skin. The breast and nipple are positioned to restore noremal and aesthetic form, by means of a short “‘lollipop'” incision or the “‘anchor’ technique” depending on breast size.
Duration of procedure: Two to three hours, depending on the extent of the reduction and lift desired.
Anaesthetic: Depending on the patient and the duration of the procedure, general anaesthetic is given or lacal anaesthetic with intravenous sedation ( for smaller areas) by a specialist anaesthetist.
In/Out patient: Out-patient is the norm, staying afterwards at a medical bed and breakfast close to Dr. Jedeikin’s operating base.
Postoperative: Short-term discomfort, numbness, bruising and swelling.
Recovery: A week or somewhat longer postoperatively, one feels well on the way to recovery and returning to work and moderate activity. After a month, one can do normal daily activities. Scarring will steadily fade over several months to a year. The use of Surgeons’ Choice tissue scar repair oil is essential.
Results: Restoration of breast shape and younger. Enlargement with breast implants can be done at the same time. Please refer to the section breast augmentation combined with mastopexy (breast lift).
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A substantial number of women feel that their breasts are out of proportion to their overall build and physique. They might experience discomfort from large, sagging breasts or they wish to counter the changes to their breasts that occur as a result of ageing, pregnancy and menopause. Breast reduction (reduction mammoplasty) and breast uplift (mastopexy) are the procedures adopted.

Although their purposes differ the procedures both result in more youthful and naturally shaped breasts. This is achieved by moving the areola and nipple from a lower position to a more central and natural location on the breast.

In breast reduction, excess skin and tissue are removed so that the volume of the breast is reduced. In a breast lift only skin is resected. In both the nipple is elevated. If the patient regards her breasts as undersized as well as sagging breast implants can be inserted.

Bear in mind that no one’s left and right body halves perfectly symmetrical even from a young age. The surgery aims also to minimise left- and right-side dissimilarities, but these tend to be innate and invariably persist to some extent even after the most successful operation.

Some of the most frequently asked questions about breast reduction and breast lift follow :

Does cosmetic breast surgery increase the risk of develop breast cancer?

There is no evidence that breast reduction or uplift surgery influences the risk of developing breast cancer. You need to continue to examine yourself monthly for  lumps and to undergo mammography as guided by your physician. It is advisable that all patients who are 35 years old and above, should obtain a mammogram before undergoing elective breast surgery.