Ear pinning

Prominent Ears (Otoplasty) : Abroad/South Africa

Procedure: Prominent (widely splayed) ears are folded back by incising the ear cartilage and creating natural folds in it. The ear is then bandaged and allowed to heal and ‘set’ at a more aesthetically pleasing angle.
Duration of procedure: 60 – 90 minutes.
Anaesthetic: Local with sedation or general.
In/Out Patient: Usually an outpatient procedure after which one returns home.( Please enquire about Dr. Jedeikin’s Recovery Retreat)
Postoperative: Temporary bruising, swelling or numbness of the ear and surrounding skin, which usually resolves within a month.
Recovery: A head bandage must be worn for a week, and a sweatband thereafter for 3 weeks only when sleeping.
Results: Permanently less prominent well proportioned ears.
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