Rhinoplasty (nose surgery)


Surgical intervention, especially procedures like rhinoplasty nose surgery abroad prices can be life-changing and many people life-changing abroad for their surgery, to be an excellent way to integrate this change. For starters, a breakaway from normal surroundings offers a nurturing space to get accustomed to a new look. South Africa is a popular destination for rhinoplasty abroad, where there are highly experienced surgeons and excellent recovery options. It also has an exchange rate that makes pricing accessible.

Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that reshapes the nose surgery abroad prices. This might include reducing or increasing its size, straightening, smoothing or removing possible humps or bumps, reforming the bridge or tip, narrowing the nostril span, or altering the angle between the nose and upper lip. There are many reasons to have surgery, some of them are cosmetic and others include relieving breathing problems; repairing injuries from accidents or correcting challenges from birth.

Deciding to Have Surgery: Before committing to surgery, a thorough consultation is a pre-surgery step that involves examination of the possible correction, an intimate discussion around the impact of the surgery and the emotional and physical effects. Patients are counselled and equipped to deal with all the factors involved with such an intervention.


Type of Procedures: Generally, there are two methods by which rhinoplasty is performed. In the traditional method, also known as the closed method, incisions are made inside the nostrils. The other method called the open method involves making an incision on the outer surface of the nose skin. The allows them to be lifted to reveal the inner structures.


Duration of the Procedure: The procedure can be expected to take about 1 to 2 hours. Patients will be given a general anaesthetic or in some cases, if it is a more minor operation, a local anaesthetic may suffice.


In/Out Patient: This is usually an outpatient procedure after which the patient returns home or stays overnight in Dr. Jedeikin’s Recovery Retreat.


Things to Consider: Patients deciding to opt for rhinoplasty abroad, need to consider the following points:

It is an extensive process and recovery time needs to be factored in before returning to normal life. Bruising and swelling are standard side effects of the treatment and taking leave from work is imperative.

Potential clients are reminded to check the level of expectations they have from their intended procedure. Rhinoplasty will resolve structural and cosmetic aspects, but it’s important to be aware of what that means. It’s normal for patients to idealise what surgery may bring to them and be being realistic about the achievement from surgery is imperative.

Patients need to be prepared for healing. That means not wearing glasses, or partaking in strenuous activities post-surgery. It also means monitoring any side effects and seeking medical help if there is a reaction of any sort.

Prior to treatment, patients will be interviewed to make sure they are able to have surgery both from a physical and psychological basis.


Results: An aesthetically pleasing and well-proportioned nose.


Benefits: Seeking rhinoplasty abroad has numerous benefits. Apart from making your nose visually attractive, or getting relief from breathing challenges or snoring, it allows for recovery time away from your usual environment. Another benefit of having nose surgery abroad is substantially lower pricing and access to excellent surgeons and recovery options.


Recovery: Patients are recommended to use a cast or splint for at least 10 days to protect the nasal area.  Returning to work is usually possible after 1-2 weeks and after 2-3 weeks patients can start engaging in more demanding activities. It’s important to avoid direct sunlight and any impact or pressure on the nose for 8 weeks. External sutures are removed after a week while internal sutures dissolve without having to be removed. Complete healing is usually after 8 – 12 months although patients will be completely presentable after two weeks.


Postoperative: There will be temporary swelling and bruising around the eyes and nose; headaches, and slight bleeding and stuffiness.


Before/After Images: Owing to recent legislation, we have had to remove the photos. For sample images, or if you have any other questions kindly contact: ingrid@plasticsurgerysa.co.za

The Aesthetics of Rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasty is a unique surgery that requires special expertise. Dr. Lionel Jedeikin is a renowned surgeon specialising in this field. He regularly attends conferences around the world and keeps up to date with leading advancements. He has a distinguished reputation for being one of the best rhinoplasty surgeons in the world.

Having seen the incredible transformative effect that surgery can have on the lives and wellbeing of patients, Dr. Jedeikin derives much satisfaction from seeing his patients with heightened confidence. The nose is the central feature of the face and the size and proportion play an important role aesthetically. During a consultation, Dr. Jedeikin will explain in detail how each individual can get more symmetry or a more pleasing result from proportioning various aspects of the nose in relation to other features and to the chin. The nose is made up of three parts. The upper bony pyramid, the mid vault (cartilage) and the lower tip structure which meets with the upper lip. During an assessment, all three sections are closely examined. Adjustments, although mostly subtle is supremely satisfying. Dr. Jedeikin spends a long time in consultation with his patients determining their needs. Once this is clear, he creates an operative plan to suit the adjustments required and patients are given the best nose surgery abroad prices.

Dr. Jedeikin is highly approachable and will gladly answer any questions from patients abroad. To contact him email him on  drlj@plasticsurgerysa.co.za